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What is lifelong learning?

  • Lifelong learning is an attitude towards learning as a lifetime decision and commitment, aimed at personal development.
  • It is generally accepted that it is learning at one’s own pace which includes on-the-job learning, peer learning, or community learning. It is learning outside of a formal educational institute, such as a school, university, or corporate training in the classroom environment.
  • Synopsis of lifelong learning
    • Voluntary
    • Self-motivated or self-initiated
    • Can be free training or paid training
    • Often informal, not structured
    • Self-taught or with minimum guidance from an expert or trainer
    • May start with a strong interest
    • Needs discipline, motivation, and resilience to go through the learning journey
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Why is lifelong learning important for the individual and the organization?

  • lifelong learning opens up our perspective about life and the world we live in
  • lifelong learning sets our career goals and enhances our work portfolio
  • lifelong learning gives us more conversational topics in many situations
  • lifelong learning helps us to become more creative in our problem solving
  • lifelong learning connects us to more people we never knew can enlighten us further
  • lifelong learning makes us appreciate life better
  • lifelong learning pushes us to go beyond our comfort zone
  • lifelong learning enables an organization to be more resilient to other market forces beyond its control like a pandemic
  • lifelong learning forms more collaborative work teams within the organization
  • lifelong learning builds our own personal branding.

What are some examples of lifelong learning?

  • Developing a new skill (eg. programming, welding, singing, counseling, etc)
  • Self-taught study (eg. learning to play guitar, researching a new trending topic like digital transformation, subscribing to a membership site, etc)
  • Learning a new sport or activity (eg. Joining a yoga class, learning to play table tennis, learning to meditate, etc)
  • Learning to use new technology (blockchain, a new way of using chatbot technology, etc)
  • Acquiring new knowledge (taking a self-paced course via online education or classroom-based course)
  • Joining a new online learning community (observe the discussion and question asked)
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How can we develop a lifelong learning attitude?

  • Read a book a month
  • Watch a youtube video about a topic of your interest daily
  • Read a short blog weekly
  • Attend a webinar once every quarter
  • Invest in formal training once in 6 months
  • Get involved in a project once a year
  • Do a mind map of a topic of your interest and identify the gaps you need to research on
  • Teach somebody about something you thought you knew very well
  • Make a new friend every now and then and ask a silly question about what he does?
  • Help someone to do some research about a topic you knew little about
  • Compare and Contrast two vastly different subjects and find out their commonalities
  • Read some of the forums and focus on the debate
Andrew Chow at Romancing Singapore
Press Conference 2008

How can we promote lifelong learning within the organization?

  • Friendly competition on quiz among departments in townhalls
  • Incorporate Informal general knowledge test in performance appraisal
  • Conduct 360 feedback
  • Link the Learning Management System to external online courses for self-paced learning
  • Organize internal TED talks among staff
  • Invite subject matter experts of lifestyle topics in learning festivals
  • Take turns to conduct bite-size training for each other in the team
  • Practice collaborative brainstorming within the organization using online tools
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Who is responsible for organizational lifelong learning?

  • Every manager needs to motivate team members to learn something new on their own and from each other
  • Every learning and development manager needs to go beyond the training needs analysis to ensure people learn out of interest and have fun learning.
  • Every executive should be a student of life and ask questions for clarity no matter how silly it may sound

How can Andrew help to promote a lifelong learning attitude within your organization?

  • Keynote Address: To build a future-ready workforce, a lot of skill upgrades and attitude shifts are needed, a keynote will inspire staff to embrace lifelong learning as a way of professional life. Lifelong learning is not a safety net to relevance and survival. It is an attitude of preparing for what the future may present to us.
  • Workshop: Many people need a structure and a roadmap to develop a lifelong learning attitude and personal plan. Workshops can be customized according to job scope or area of interest. The objective is to enable individuals to develop personal and professional development learning strategies. it is a great time to audit their portfolio and career plans.

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