Andrew Chow in a breakout session on Linkedin Marketing
for Personal Branding in TBEX Europe 2018

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • It is the Targeted, Interactive, and Measureable marketing of any products and service using any digital technology and platforms to recruit and retain customers for the long term.
  • It is a customer-centric strategy with knowing the customer journey, persona, keywords, and touchpoints.
  • It involves the differentiated engagement on paid, owned, and earned media
  • It begins with Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Customer Relations Marketing.

Why do many Digital Marketing Strategies become ineffective? Where are the challenges of Digital Marketing?

  • Lack of strategic and integrated approach to Digital Marketing
  • Loosely defined unique selling proposition
  • Lack of Data and Research on User Persona
  • No mapping of the customer journey to the Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Lack of customer-centric niche and long-tail keywords
  • Out-dated On-Page SEO practices
  • Insufficient backlinks to the company's website
  • Lack of Creativity to develop Content Pillars
  • Lack of Social Media Engagement
  • The slow pace in building tribe
  • Budget allocation is stewed towards display advertising
  • Lack of KPI in working with influencers
  • Lack of automation in email marketing
  • Insufficient data set in building chatbot
  • Digital Marketing Professionals are lacking in Personal Branding
  • Virtual events lack engagement and follow up
  • Lack of personalization in E-Commerce implementation
  • Mobile App objective unclear and lack of downloads
  • No immersive experience from the website user experience and interface
  • Little incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing
  • Disconnection with Gen Z in key social media platforms
Andrew Chow speaks in 2013
HR Conference
Vietnam SNCF 2019

How will the Future of Digital Marketing look like?

  • The Chatbot will be more human-like or intuitive
  • The presentation of SERP will be more diverse to reflect user intent
  • E-Commerce will be embedded into all social media platforms engagement
  • Voice Search will capture tone and diction for better results
  • Digital Marketing Strategy will be more inclusive
  • SaaS Marketing Automation Service will be more affordable
  • Artificial Intelligence will play a bigger role in the content creation of articles, videos, and brand identity.
  • Social Media engagement will be very personalized on new platforms like Tiktok
  • Personal Branding is the key to B2B prospecting and conversion
Andrew Chow at MSMW2016 at
Lim Kok Weng University

Why hire Andrew Chow as your Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker?

  • Delivery clarity in generating and nurturing leads
  • Create alignment among different marketing channels and platforms
  • Develop persona using personality profiling for more targetted marketing
  • Provide insights into social media engagement
  • Connect the dots between customer journey, persona, and keyword research
  • Empower digital marketing professionals to embrace personal branding
  • Explore Artificial Intelligence and Extend Reality for virtual engagement.
Andrew Chow speaks in 2013
HR Conference
Vietnam SNCF 2019

When is the best time to hire Andrew Chow as your Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker?

  • When you are aligning your regional marketing team for strategy formulation
  • When you are getting ready for digital transformation and ready for Business 5.0
  • For Regional Marketing townhall meetings
  • For International Digital Marketing Masterclass Conference
  • Before appointing a vendor for your next campaign
  • Before selecting the social media influencers to work with on your products
  • When you conduct in-house cross-training and learning
  • After formulating your training need analysis of all job scope
  • Before investing in massive marketing automation

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