What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is the art of discovering one's uniqueness, the strategy of positioning that unique selling proposition, and the communication of the branding through appropriate channels and platforms. Everyone has personal branding regardless if one acknowledges it or not. If we do not take ownership of that personal branding, others will brand us through their perception, judgemental, and misinformation. In this crowded world and the new future, personal branding becomes the key differentiator of one's skill, network, competence, mindset, and influence from his competition.

Why is Personal Branding important?

Who is a Personal Branding Master Coach?

  • A coach is someone who provides strong guidance and works with students or with adult clients to prepare them for anything from performing at their peak in anything from sports to work.
  • The coach's objective is to develop skills that will help a person achieve life and career goals.
  • A coach is focused on the performance level while a mentor is focused on professional development (Character and Values)
  • A Personal Branding Master Coach is someone who asks all the right questions to someone who wants to develop their personal branding.
  • A Personal Branding Master Coach is not only knowledgeable about what to do for personal branding but has also done it for himself and enjoys proven results and success.
  • A Personal Branding Master Coach will focus on helping his client to conduct their brand audit and discovery. He will also assist in defining the positioning and the strategies to achieve desired results. Lastly, he will help the client to analyze and select the appropriate platforms to communicate the brand.

Who needs a Personal Branding Master Coach?

  • Someone who is a young fresh graduate who wants to be on the fast track for career success
  • Someone who is a startup CEO with a great idea and proof of concept seeking funding from Venture Capitalists
  • Someone who is a mid-career change executive turned entrepreneur looking to harass his life experience to set him apart from the marketplace.
  • Someone who is a homemaker looking to create a side hustle and be an inspiration to her peers
  • Someone who is a business owner of a Small-Medium Enterprise looking to bring his company to the next level.
  • Someone who is a newly-promoted manager looking to lead a team of engaged team members
  • Someone who is gifted in fine arts and looking forward to global recognition
  • Someone who is a coach who wants to help more people raise their game in their own competition
  • Someone who is leading an insurance agency and wanted to focus on recruiting the best people into the industry
  • Someone who is very happy with their job and wanted to become the ambassadors of the company.

How to work with Andrew Chow as their Personal Branch Master Coach?

  • Reading Andrew's book - Personal Branding 247 is a good start to understand the overview of personal branding. It has some self-coaching questions for personal reflection.
  • Connect with Andrew on social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube
  • Share with Andrew through a virtual meeting about your desired outcome for the personal branding journey.
  • Join the lifelong learning membership site, and select the desired coaching program

Why should I work with Andrew Chow as my Personal Branding Master Coach?

  • Andrew Chow has led a life of transformation. He has pivoted 5 different careers in the span of 34 years.
  • He wrote Personal Branding 247, a concise guidebook for anyone who wants to self-coach himself on Personal Branding
  • He has over 250 Linkedin recommendations for his influence and dedication to helping his client learn, leverage, and live life to the fullest
  • He has coach dozens of agency leaders, CEO, and entrepreneurs on personal branding in Singapore and Asean
  • He has served the Asia professional speaker community as the President of the Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore in 2012
  • He has achieved the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) accreditation in 2019 as a testimony of his professionalism and influence in the professional speaking business.
  • He has wide personal and professional networks that span across SME owners, professional speakers and coaches, startup founders, and also top corporate executives and business leaders from 18 countries.
  • How do I know if I have established my Personal Branding in my industry?

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