Andrew Chow speaking at
Helsinki Finland at Nordic Blogger
Exchange (NBE) 2015

What is Digital Transformation?

  • It is not about Technology
  • It is not about Automation
  • It is not about converting manual to digital format
  • It is about formulating a strategy for the future aligning all human capital needs, business innovation, customer engagement, and application of the right technology.
  • The Mindset is more important than the Skill Set.
Andrew Chow with engaging closing
keynote activity with balloons in
Vietnam SNCF 2019

The Importance of Digital Transformation to any Business

  • The age of AI and Big Data makes more tasks irrelevant
  • Customers are much more informed than before due to the abundance of great content on the internet
  • All job descriptions must be consistently reviewed to add value to the organization
  • Mental and Emotional Wellness will be a serious issue for staff if the pace of acceleration is not managed properly.
  • Any progressive organization is a learning organization
  • Any disruptive organization is a developing organization
  • The future of work is the creation of new job scope no one has heard of before
  • To have predictive analysis, an organization needs to collect massive data, knowing when, where, and how to collect them.

Proposed Digital Transformation Keynote Address Titles

  • Are you ready for the Future of Work or the Work of the Future?
  • Digital Transformation: a good idea or a great innovation?
  • Why many experts will tell you about your job during Digital Transformation
  • How to surf the Digital Transformation Wave with Ease?
  • Digitalization versus Disruption and Everything else in between
  • Excuse me, are you a brand?
  • Embrace a stroke of gratitude for the crisis in your life
  • What a wise man will tell you about Social Media
  • The lost art of PR today
  • Are you my type @ work?
  • AI versus You: Who Wins?
Andrew Chow at MSMW2016 at
Lim Kok Weng University

Why hire Andrew as Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker?(The Power of Hiring A Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker)

  • Keynote Speakers are hired for Conferences, Seminars, conventions, Forum and Corporate Retreats.
  • The primary purpose is to transform the mindset and the changing attitude of the audience.
  • The key message is decided by the client or jointly decided with the keynote speaker. The style of delivery is to educate, entertain and engage the core of the audience.
  • A great keynote speaker will balance content, engagement, and entertainment.
  • An experienced keynote speaker will incorporate suitable activities to reinforce learning and transformation
  • A great keynote speaker feels the energy of the audience and leads accordingly.

Who has hired Andrew as Digital Transformation Keynote in the past?

When is the best time to hire Andrew as the Digital Transformation Speaker?

Sales Kick-off

Flying Start

Final Sprint


Digital Transformation

Industry Panel

Company Townhall

Regional Staff

Staff Engagement

Andrew Chow on Whatsapp Marketing for Tourism in
Kerala India for ICTT 2017

What's the difference between a speaker and a workshop leader?

  • Structurally, training has learning objectives and an outline. A keynote has only 1-3 central ideas.
  • A Keynote will last anywhere between 20-60 minutes. Training can be 3 hours at least.
  • There is an optimum class size for training and workshop maximum of about 25 people. A keynote address can be given to thousands of people.
  • A keynote speaker has no assistant, whereas a trainer or workshop leader has other helpers in the room
  • A keynote is more inspirational, but training or workshop is more interactive and engaging

What did they say about Andrew as their Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker?

The list of questions Andrew Chow will have for clients before working as a Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker?


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