Why is having a collaborative Work Team the key to the Future of Work and Business?

  • Critical Thinking versus Design Thinking
  • Remote working will be the future of work culture
  • Human touch becomes more crucial in the age of
    digital transformation
  • Diversity of skills are needed to build an all-star team
  • Trust is built as a result of frequent collaboration among members and also among different teams
  • Big data requires different minds to analyze to develop predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • When everyone develops self-leadership and takes ownership of their work, the organization is on its way to being a transformed company.
  • Problem Solving is best done with the inclusion of
    different perspectives
  • Collaborative Team builds team bonding which is the spirit of team building
  • Workplace learning from a collaborative team reinforce formal learning and lifelong learning
  • Collaborative Team creates a culture of open dialogue and communication
  • A collaborative team builds resilience and morale during Work-from-Home culture in the midst of a
  • A collaborative team leads to a higher retention rate which is crucial for talent management
    Collaborative teams make people more efficient and more productive

What are the different roles in a collaborative work team?

How can Andrew help us in building a collaborative Work Team?

  • Why: Changing the attitude and mindset without the pressure of focusing on a specific area of concern allows people to be more receptive to the call.
  • How: Andrew inspires and reminds the management and staff on why we do what we do. Andrew realigns the attitude and energy for every team.
  • When: At the beginning of the new financial year. At the beginning of a new change of corporate practices or automation drive.
  • Why: After the team understand why they need to be collaborative, they need to understand how to go about forging a great team
  • How: Andrew imparts skills needed for collaborative teams. Andrew profiles everyone shows how each and everyone is important to the group.
  • When: At the end of a quarter or halfway mark of the financial year. Mid-year review. Sales Kick off Meetings.
  • Why: Some leaders or managers may require specific help in areas that are crucial to lead the team
  • How: Andrew coaches the new leaders on how to lead his team with diversity and inclusion.
  • When: Any time is a good time especially for new managers.
  • Why: A trained facilitator who is a neutral third party will create rooms for authentic and deep conversation among team members
  • How: Andrew provides a safe space for everyone to share their feeling and concerns for the group and the future
  • When: A time when everyone can gather in one location with separate rooms for privacy and confidentiality

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